About Us


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We live and breathe design. We come to work everyday, ready to improve the planet through design. Which is pretty cool.

Design in all its forms, is on our radar 24/7. We eat, sleep, travel, talk, study and create it. Some people design to live. We live to design.

We love challenges. Every new project is like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Whether it’s a big project or a small one. We know the fundamentals and how the puzzle pieces fit together. Fortune 500 company or a rising new brand. Good design should simply transcend economic strata.

It’s our job to be creative. That can be exciting, nail-biting, fun, even mildly therapeutic. But never dull. Properly done, it’s a thrill ride. Some of our clients have been on this ride and growing their brands with us for over 20 years.

We start with your vision. Add our compelling design. Blend it just right and the result is brand/business success.

Our Band of Designers

Just like Steely Dan, members of our band of designers and technicians join us on a session by session basis. Each adds their own special skills to a project as it evolves. We’ve been lucky to have had great talents here over the years. Much of the work you see on this web site is the result of our inspired designers, their dedication and their love of design. Together, we’ve created some very effective projects. And together we continue to help businesses push the throttle forward.



Candace Daigle

Before founding Daigle Design, Candace trained at Minneapolis Academy of Art and Design (MCAD) and worked in ad agencies from Minneapolis, to LA, to Honolulu. For her, design has always been more of a passion than a career. Candace’s fascination for design encompasses all aspects of visuals, from the newest color trends, to innovative print layouts, breakthrough web technologies, modern interiors, eye catching ads and iconic brand development. Design is not just one thing. It is the only thing.





Geoff Daigle

Geoff Daigle

Geoff joined his first ad firm as a copywriter and AE after graduating from UCLA with an MS. His experiences broadened into marketing, product design and development, manufacturing, import, distribution, and advertising. This span of knowledge culminated in the creation of Daigle Design with Candace in 1987. His training lets him bridge the borders of real-world business and advertising/design, and gives him insight that’s a functional mix of both.